Tomato firmware with SDHC mod


This is a firmware for Linksys routers based on great Tomato firmware with additional SD, SDHC, MMC cards support.


Supported hardware

Should be the same as original Tomato firmware:

I'm not sure if all above routers support SDHC/MMC hardware mod. This version of SDHC/MMC driver may not work with other then Linksys WRT54G/GS/GL routers.

For routers with USB ports you should use firmware with USB support - it has a higher transfer then SDHC/MMC in SPI (slow) mode.


GUI webpage

Example SDHC card initialization log (from syslog):

[INF] mmc: Version: 2.0.1  Parms: major=121 din=2 dout=4 clk=3 cs=7 maxsec=32 rahead=2 dbg=0001
[DBG] mmc: init: power on/insertion initialization...
[DBG] mmc: init: CMD0 - reset...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: CMD8 - CIC voltage range check...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: CMD58 - OCR voltage range check...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: ACMD41 - card initialization...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: CMD58 - Card Capacity Status check...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: CMD10 - Card Identification Register read...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: CMD9 - Card Specific Data read...
[DBG] mmc: init SD: ACMD51 - SD Config Register read...
[INF] mmc: SD Card detected & initialized
[DBG] mmc: init - CMD16 - set 512 byte blocksize...
Partition check:
 mmca: p1
[INF] mmc: Module loaded


Testing method:

# mount -t ext3 /dev/mmc/disc0/part1 /mmc
# sync; date; dd if=/dev/zero of=/mmc/test.bin bs=1024 count=102400; sync; date
# sync; date; dd if=/mmc/test.bin of=/dev/null bs=1024 count=102400; sync; date

Results (WRT54GL v1.1 with SD mod, clkfreq=225):

Card testedSD driver v1.3.5 SDHC driver v2.0.1USB 2.0 card reader (PC)
Kingston microSD 2GB404 KB/s446 KB/s572 KB/s474 KB/s8 MB/s18 MB/s
Toshiba SDHC 4GB781 KB/s451 KB/s13 MB/s18.2 MB/s


Documentation and links


This firmware is provided as-is without any warranty. I will not be responsible for damages that occur due to the use of this firmware. Use at your own risk!

The binary firmware files are compressed in 7z format. You could also download Firmware Modification Kit to extract the binary firmware or even to repack it with additional or modified files!


This is Tomato firmware with SDHC/MMC support added and many others improvements. The 1.25.01 and 1.28.01 versions have additional features from TomatoVPN mod. The 1.28.02 version is copy of TomatoUSB 1.28.8754 (build e) with SDHC support and without JFFS. For details see changelog.


This is clean original Tomato firmware with SDHC/MMC support added.


Sources for this version of Tomato firmware are avaiable at the git repository for on-line browsing, all changes can be listed there too. For compiling instruction please read README.TXT file. For git commands - please see the tutorials at Git homepage.

Possible future improvements (not implemented):